The Rangers of Barak
Founded by a dwarf named Barak Thunderwing, the town of Barak was once the largest mining town in the Northern Hills. When the Thunderwing mine played itself out, Barak became somewhat of a ghost town as its entire existence had hinged upon the success of the mine. In recent years, however, Barak has risen to prominence again due to its strategic location.

Barak serves as a main economic thoroughfare in its area of the world. The wide, arching Flamebreak bridge crosses the Howling River, allowing goods, resources, and soldiers when necessary, to cross from the eastern to the western Wildlands. Large docks help Barak serve as an inland port for trade that flows up and down the river. Mines in the area bring their ore to Barak for movement to other locations either across the bridge or along the river.

While the above has made Barak prosperous, it has also served to make the small town a magnet for trouble. All the factions operating in the south realize Barak’s importance and will do anything they can to control, or destroy, it. In fact, a fairly large battle was fought in Barak last year between a company of Maelstrom troops on one side and a combined force of Grey Rangers and River Trade Coalition Marines on the other side. The battle raged for days with the Rangers and Marines barely winning.

As Barak rebuilds from the battle, the Grey Rangers and RTC Marines bring in new troops as reports of imminent trouble come in from all directions.

And high above Barak, in the surrounding hills, the tower of Falconspire looms. The eyes of the falcon once again glowing with a sickly, green light, casting beams across the hills as if searching…searching…

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