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  • Surlik

    Surlik the Caretaker of the Grey Ranger outpost of [[Falconspire]] tower in [[Barak]]. He takes care of pretty much everything along with his wife, [[Bleechie]], and two kids, Tirch and Littletone. Surlik looks older than his years due to the intense …

  • Bleechie

    Bleechie is the goblin wife of [[Surlik]]. She takes care of many of the household tasks at [[Falconspire]], from cooking to cleaning. She usually has her children in tow, helping her with whatever duties she is engaged in at the moment.

  • Tirch

    Surlik and Bleechie's son. At seven years old he is quite inclined to dangerous pursuits, all with the intended goal of letting him become a Grey Ranger some day in the future.

  • Littleone

    Surlik and Bleechie's daughter. Very quiet and shy at five years of age. She spends most of her time hiding behind her mother's skirts, but when working on a task does try to perform it to the best of her abilities.

  • Ondino de Batiz Delgado

    A Nazatirian male, dressed in rich colors and deadly with his rapier, who is the de facto leader and protector of the group of orphaned children the Rangers of Barak found hiding in the wilderness north of Barak. The group was responsible for the thefts …

  • Ostar

    One of the Yolin Aradi from the Eternal Desert. Ostar is a veteran horseman who has joined the Grey Rangers so that he can aid his people from afar. Severely wounded in the ambush on Falconspire Tower by the forces of the Kal-A-Nar, he would have died if …

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